A Final Farewell from Sherie Denise Spruill-Allen

text and photographs by Larry H. Spruill
Along The Blended Path

Thirty days betwixt
August and September,
I offered up my debt to
Sherie Denise Spruill
my baby sister
She was so very sick.
Tied to a hospital bed,
life support machines,
unable to engage in
her favorite pastime – walking.
She valiantly fought
a courageous final battle
to maintain her
dignity and independence of spirit.

It was her last stand
after several fearless journeys
from here to there
along the much trodden sojourn
along the blended path
from now to eternity.
On one such excursion
between midnight and predawn
she detoured
to be with our beloved mother.
It was September 12, 2006.
During the twilight
of the previous day
she travelled
from there to here
for her last time.
She came back to perform
a miraculous farewell
for an audience of her choosing.
It was a quiet and still evening
on the hospice dormitory of death.
Her sister, her children,
her beloved cousin
and I were there.
It was a remarkable and loving
“until we meet again”
Her speech was easily discerned
though uttered through inaudible lips.
Sherie was not herself.
Her voice was bound by surgery.
Her eyes darkened by sickness.
Her hands and arms swollen
and unembraceable.
Through the strength of love
she offered an astounding farewell.
It was a divine exhibition
of the mercy and grace of God Almighty.
With her children by her bedside,
her lips silently spoke
to her exclusive audience.
In the end
Sherie gave us a peak at
the peace and reality
at the final upward exit
along the blended road.
As she ended her
last monologue,
she began to blow bubbles
with her last breaths of life.
I will never forget her lessons
of a challenged life and a serene death.
At her sunset,
Sherie gave me more than
I could have ever given her.

She was a focused portrait of faith and confidence
in her Christian life and what it means to have
a blessed assurance of a smiling Savior at the end of
the blended path from life to death to eternal life.
I pray that I am as certain that
all will be well on that great day.

From those of us who remain.

Farewell my beloved sister!

These words are to inspire remembrance to the witnesses
of Sheries farewell address on September 11, 2006.
It is dedicated to Timothy and Patricia Allen
for whom her life was totally committed.

copies are made for:

Michael Ray Spruill
Carlton C. Spruill
Adair Fern Spruill-Norfleet
Clementine Norman-Taylor
Timothy Allen
Patricia Allen

You brother, uncle and cousin, Larry Spruill.