Bring The Boy Before The Village

By Larry H. Spruill

Bring the boy before the chief
that his deeds may be known
before the elders and ancestors
Let him hear the voices of the ages
speak thunderous warnings
of foolishness and folly…

Bring the boy before the sages
with mother and father in tow
to encircle the lad
with the forces of life, love and law
Let all look in his eyes
to see
what is growing inside–
to see
what is crooked
what is straight

If there be fear and trepidation
there is hope
If there be drops of water
streaming from his soul
down his face
mother and father may smile
If there be hardness of heart
may his days be full of mercy
If there be laughter and mockery
let there be libations of mourning
for the village has
lost a son
to death.

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