The Spark

By Larry H. Spruill

The spark of God
twinkling like the stem of a firefly
hurling through eternity
to the darkened hearts of humanity…
Aglow in every bosom
The static kiss of God
igniting life
until ablazed with
blue, yellow, red flames
driving darkness into distant realms
a burning bush of spiraling beams
claiming our attention
human emotions not yet perfected
yet loving godly living
living godly love
touching God as love
a love which transforms
the brutish into
the beloved ones
with godly flames burning within
warming humanity in their wake
in a daily ebb and flow of victories
over self and sin
standing, walking, running and resting
on the heavenly bonfire
stoked by loving the unloved
lighting new fires with
glorious cloven-tongued words
flickering new sparks
into the abyss of hatred and hopelessness.
igniting new births…new journeys to the Son.

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