Looping my Stills

The Reel Keeps Rolling

I photograph Africa because I cannot erase the legacy of slave trading and bondage that rooted me and mine in the west. Through photography I can capture and keep Africa with me in the land of my captivity and cultural transformation.

Any day and time that I wish, I can move to Africa just by thawing my frozen Fuji-chrome moments of its people, places and things. The brilliant colors faithfully come alive and beam the flow of life in my eyes. The heartbeat rhythms and pace are played back in my ears. The sweet and pungent aromas are fresh in my nostrils. The silky texture of Asante kente delight my fingers. The sizzling peppers anesthetize my taste buds. The distant come closer. The faint become clear. The unseen become evident. The forgotten becomes mortal.

My African stills become animated flesh, blood and bone experiences of what was and is and must always be in my life. These are my living images capable of skillfully touching those who wish to share the potent journey of my camera vision – my photographed moments in Africa. My silent reel of African stills pump life into my marrowless bone dry narrative of life in Eden.

Larry H. Spruill