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Relates to his seminal doctoral thesis as well as other historical publications.

Premier Screening of “Journey To Oslo”:

There were many people who knew Dr. Martin Luther King but few as intimate friends. A new documentary was screened at Allen Memorial Church of God In Christ, Mount Vernon, New York featuring the relationship between Rev. Dr. Richard Dixon and Dr. King. They were friends from childhood. Both of their fathers were preachers. When Dr. King was selected to be the recipient of the 1964 Nobel Peace Prize, he called Dr. Dixon to be apart of his thirty member entourage to Oslo, Norway. Today, there are only three members remaining. The first is Rev. Wyatt T. Walker, the second is Rev. C. T. Vivian and the third is Mount Vernon’s very own Rev. Richard Dixon. It was a great program. There were many wet eyes. It was an honor to be the producer of such a world-class film of this wonderful human being. Mr. Bruce Penn was the cinematographer and director. Rev. Carlton C. Spruill is the executive producer. The film is available by calling 914-699-886l.