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Discussion of genealogical documents and images that track his North Carolina family to 18th century Nigeria.

A Final Farewell from Sherie Denise Spruill-Allen

text and photographs by Larry H. Spruill
Along The Blended Path

Thirty days betwixt
August and September,
I offered up my debt to
Sherie Denise Spruill
my baby sister
She was so very sick.
Tied to a hospital bed,
life support machines,
unable to engage in
her favorite pastime – walking.
She valiantly fought
a courageous final battle
to maintain her
dignity and independence of spirit.

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Workplaces Where Everyone is Not Alike

The United States Post Office
Bear Mountain State Park
September 26. 1999

By Larry H. Spruill

I am deeply honored for being invited to be your keynote speaker this morning. Other than going to my house of worship, I could think of nothing better to do this morning than coming out to lovely Bear Mountain and having a conversation with you about the power of change, culture, diversity and the counting down of the minutes, hours, and days to the year two thousand. There are less than 100 days to the beginning of a new year, new decade, new century and new millennium. We are coming to the close of a thousand year period. This is an extraordinary event. No one living on earth will live to see another time as the beginning of a new millennium.

There is so much anxiety about 12:01 am, January 1, 2000. I am not one to panic about the computer glitch issue. If the worse case scenario happens there is nothing I can do about that anyway. As I get older, I find worrying an extremely wasteful activity. What I am most concerned about is January 2nd and beyond. I am concerned about the millennium changes that are already here. I am concerned about things like the impact of the increasing diversity at my workplace, in my community, in public services, fire, police, local government, schools and yes even the postal services. How will these agencies and institutions handle not only the technological changes taking place in the workplace but the ethnic and cultural shifts in our places of work and public service agencies.

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