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A Cool Sanctuary

By Larry H. Spruill

And the Lord appeared unto Abraham…and he sat in the tent door in the heat of the day. and he lifted his eyes and saw three men standing nearby. When he saw them he ran to meet them and bowed himself toward the ground. And said, My Lord I hope I have found favour in thy sight. Stay with me. Let me get a little water and wash your feet. Stay and rest yourself under the tree.

Genesis 18:1-4

Fiery rays
fueling the flaming
cauldron of boiling air
Sapping the essence of life
Water streaming from the body
to cool the flesh
with no affect.

Shaking the mind
signaling danger
Blurring the vision of
Blackened bodies
wilted and bowed
before the heavenly torch
mock time steps
sneaking through the oppressive
midday heat
seeking a refuge
a cool sanctuary of life
to wait for the
daily extinguishing
of the candle of light
and the rise of
the pillar of fire by night.


Dedicated to the Jews of Germany

By Larry H. Spruill

Night of tinkling glass
Shattered dreams
Surreal screams
Frightened souls
Terrified by
Unleashed evil….
upon indiscriminate humanity
Tinkling, tinkling glass…
Fractured mirrors of life…
Walking on broken shards
Crunch, Crunch, Crunch…
Goose stepping boots…
Coming to take me away…
Coming to take away my things…
They come for my gold
They come for my money
They come for my heirlooms
They come for my art…
They come to take away my books
They come to take away my credentials
They come to destroy my clothing…my furniture
They come for my things…
They come to humiliate me…
They come to take away
my wife…my daughters…
my husband…my sons
They herd me together
with strangers and friends
They take away my dreams
They bring darkened nightmares
full of unknown tomorrows
Tinkling, tinkling glass
altering what is real
into horrible new realities
They are coming to take me away
I am not unique
I am not different
I am simply a Jew
They have come to take away all
but my living God in my soul
What is important now?
What will I have to leave my children?
No more riches…no more gold and silver.
No china…no lockets…no Torah…no today…
just uncertain tomorrows…
I will leave them my words…
I will them my beliefs…
I leave them my ethics…my values…
I leave them my principles…
I leave them the ideas that are dear to me…
I leave them my eyes on the world…
I leave them my reason for living…
I leave them my God and his promise…
I leave you my children…
the indestructible things
The things of my heart and soul…
I leave you the things most dear to me…
My sons…my daughters…
I leave you the things of my soul…
for your living…
for your posterity…
for our tomorrow…
I leave you my ethical will…
I leave you
peace honor
faith trust
loyalty compassion
righteousness courage
and especially love…
I leave you my quest for perfection…
before God and man…
I leave you my struggle to build
families and homes
friends and relationships
communities and a new world
I leave you my legacy and spirit
I sign my name to all that remains
These are my only heirlooms
my sparkling jewels…for you…
My children…cherish them…
Live them…
Preserve them…
Pass them on…
That I might live and
be not forgotten.
For the glass is tinkling…
tinkling everywhere…
It is Kristallnacht…
The night of razor sharp pieces
of mirrored glass…
through which I no longer see hope…
For they come…
For they come…
to take me away.

The Spark

By Larry H. Spruill

The spark of God
twinkling like the stem of a firefly
hurling through eternity
to the darkened hearts of humanity…
Aglow in every bosom
The static kiss of God
igniting life
until ablazed with
blue, yellow, red flames
driving darkness into distant realms
a burning bush of spiraling beams
claiming our attention
human emotions not yet perfected
yet loving godly living
living godly love
touching God as love
a love which transforms
the brutish into
the beloved ones
with godly flames burning within
warming humanity in their wake
in a daily ebb and flow of victories
over self and sin
standing, walking, running and resting
on the heavenly bonfire
stoked by loving the unloved
lighting new fires with
glorious cloven-tongued words
flickering new sparks
into the abyss of hatred and hopelessness.
igniting new births…new journeys to the Son.

You’ll Be My Lord

lyrics waiting for a melody
By Larry H. Spruill

I Love you Jesus
Don’t let evil take me
Don’t let him handle me
and bind me down
If you will keep me
I’m going to stand right here
with you forever
and you’ll be my Lord.

Someday I know you’re coming again
You’re coming to call home all of your people
You’re going to rapture me…
In the twinkling of an eye.
It’s got to be like that
According to your word
When you come again, I know
I’ll have to go…

I Love you Jesus
Don’t let evil take me
Don’t let him handle me
and bind me soul
If you will keep me
I’m going to stand right here
with you forever
and you’ll be my Lord.

Warm Winds

By Larry H. Spruill

The warm winds of heaven
blew softly on the potter’s clay
mending empty vessels
souls void of rainbow living
blind to smiling sunrise morn(ing)s
new merciful days of promise
kindled by sparks of divine fire
in cold fleshly hearts
giving birth to infancies
mysterious new journeys
to the pearled gated city
guided by celestial lamps
lighted golden pathways
searching for the source
of the potent breath of life
whistling unknown tunes
fertilizing souls with sweet whisperings
with unconditional love…
for a deaf, jaded world planted with
broken hearts soothed by
fresh words on a holy breeze
healing the nations.

Tears to Selah

by Larry H. Spruill

Potent tears pooled
in silent sullen hearts
carrying currents
of suffering and pain
flowing as spewed crimson lava
a stream-like cauldron
of dashed hopes
and dissipated dreams
crashing into the cooling waters
of a crescent turquoise seaside bay
at the foot
of a troubled temperamental mountain
misti-fying the sugar coated beaches,
forested hills and lush green (emerald) valleys of life
sprinkling the looking glass
of our earthy souls
falling as creative Edenic rain
washing the perpetual hurt
and disappointments peculiar to
creatures like you and I…
enabling us to trust ourselves
while looking to the Unseen One…
to feel again…
to start again…
again and again…